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Sledge Law, LLC takes pride in our 11 years of delivering advantageous outcomes and client satisfaction. I have earned a reputation in Greeley, CO and our previous and current clients are generous enough to provide us their testimonials about our firm and our services. Learn more about us by reading about what our clients have to say.
"The first consultation I had with Krea, I had a whole notebook of documentation, photos and previous court paperwork in hand. Krea told me I could potentially represent myself and she did not feel comfortable taking my money when she was confident I could do what I needed (at that time) without an attorney. Needless to say, I was impressed: a) Krea was honest enough to let me know up front and b) she gave me enough guidance and support for me to feel completely confident in the decisions I made thereafter. Some time passed before we crossed paths again. The next time, my situation was much more serious, much more intense, much more needing legal intervention. This time, Krea had a bit of my history and the past legal situations were documented within the court system. I put my faith, trust and respect into Krea and what was delivered was: a) full custody of my child (in my favor), b) a graduated parenting plan (in my favor), and c) modified child support (in my favor). Krea served as my superlawyer. I have a whole new level of respect for Krea. I consider myself a success story for Krea. From personal experience, I choose to have Krea as my attorney for much more than this custody dispute issue I once had....I continue to ask her advice for ongoing situations that occur..."

- June M.
"Krea Sledge represented me during my paternity case. She is a quick-witted attorney who knows her craft inside and out. I didn't know anything about family law, and she helped me get the parenting plan I sought while also helping me avoid absurd accusations and machinations from the other party. Thank you, Krea!"

- Albert W.
"I hired Krea Sledge to help with a legal family situation. She was very affordable, knowledgeable and a great listener. Krea took the time to understand my situation and she accomplished the end result I was looking for!?

- Carolina B.
"I met Krea Sledge several years ago when we began working as a part of a team on the Family Treatment Court in Greeley, CO. She was the attorney for some of the clients that were in treatment court. I was able to see Krea work for her clients and help them through their situations during the court process. When I filed for divorce, I knew I needed someone that would be able to deal with a very dramatic, difficult, soon-to-be-ex-husband. I knew that I needed a very good lawyer that would focus on my case and not focus on filling her pockets with my retainer money.

During the divorce process, the focus was on the custody of our daughter. I sought to have sole decision-making and he sought a joint plan. I wanted to move to a different town with our daughter and he wanted to keep us in Greeley. I was fairly determined on the parenting schedule I was seeking. Krea knew what the court would and would not allow and what times and days the courts would deem appropriate and fair. Ultimately, the goal was to have the court approve the parenting plan submitted by Krea and I, and not the parenting plan submitted by my ex-husband. This meant I had to be fair and reasonable and I had to make some hard decisions regarding the parenting of our daughter. Krea knew her way around the courtroom and had vast knowledge of the law regarding custody, and I was confident that she was guiding me in the direction I needed to go. Essentially, we drafted a parenting plan giving me what I was asking, yet that was reasonable for my ex-husband. Nevertheless, I was scared. I was scared of the judge not approving my parenting plan and giving my ex-husband custody of our daughter.

On the day of the trial, Krea presented our facts to the judge in a straight-forward manner. She remained calm and cool while my ex-husband's attorney became angry and aggressive. She did not give the judge unnecessary information, but stayed focused on the task at hand. In the end, the court accepted my plan, the judge allowed me to move with our daughter! We proved what was in the best interests of my child, and we didn't get sucked into the drama that is my ex-husband. Krea kept me out of the games he wanted to play and we all came out on top. I absolutely believe Krea knew what she was doing the whole time. She helped me pull my head out of the dark when she had to and helped me find confidence to hold tight when I was lacking it in the moments of fear and weakness.

Throughout the entire process, Krea understood what I was going through and was able to empathize with me on some levels that this was not just a divorce. My child's well-being was at stake--how she would be raised, what she would be subjected to, where she would live. Krea knew and understood this and she did not get upset with me when I asked again and again what she thought my chances were, what would happen if, what should I do when. Krea knew and understood my case. I had been able to see her work numerous times before, but when it comes to your own children, your own family, your own life, it changes a bit. And with that, I would recommend Krea to ANYONE. For anyone that is really wanting to be fair and has the best interests of their children at heart, for anyone that needs a good honest lawyer, and for anyone that is really in need of good legal assistance, I highly recommend that you hire Krea."

- Teresa B.

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